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Phonetic Tengwar Modes

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Here you find a pdf-file with an overview on the different phonetic English modes that J. R. R. Tolkien has used. There's two more pdf-documents in which I try to reconstruct some of the modes he's used so that they could be used by anybody who speaks English.

Additionally, there are other phonetic modes I've made up based on Tolkien's use. They are for other languages:

There's a mode for French. It shows my best attempt of creating a consistent tehtar system for a language with a complex vowel system: Four degrees of vowel opening, rounded front vowels and nasal vowels.

There's a mode for the Bernese German dialect, the southern German (allemanic) dialect I speak. It shows a tengwar system for a language with a consequent length opposition in both consonants and vowels, similar to Finnish, and it employs the same consistent complex vowel tehtar system like the French mode.

I'm planning to publish here a phonetic German mode and a phonetic Spanish mode.

Please note that the documents you find here don't provide basic information on the tengwar, so they might be difficult for beginners. If you wish to have more basic information on the tengwar, you will find some excellent sites, e.g.:

Amanye Tenceli by Måns Björkman

Tengwar Guides by Per Lindberg (Quenya, Sindarin, Swedish)

Tengwar Help File by Dan Smith

Tengwar Textbook by Chris McKay

Overview on Tolkien's ponetic modes (290 kb)

Phonetic 'full writing' modes based on Tolkien's use (176 kb)

Phonetic tehtar mode based on Tolkien's use (174 kb)

French mode (102 kb)

Bernese German tehtar mode (164 kb)

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last modified on December 27th 2003