Tengwar Samples

The tengwar, invented by J.R.R. Tolkien, combine beautiful forms with an ingenuous relation between features of letter shapes and of sounds. It's my preferred script.

Time (Pink Floyd) (131 kb) (Time, song by Pink Floyd, English)

Querido Hans (194 kb) (letter to Hans, Spanish)

Der Gloon (Mani Matter) (208 kb) (the clown, song by Mani Matter, Bernese German)

Über einen überphonetischen deutschen Modus (Brief an Lothenon) (369 kb) (on an overphonetic German mode, letter to Lothenon; in German)

Derborence (C.-F. Ramuz) (17 kb) (first coupla lines of Derborence, novel by C.-F. Ramuz; French, typed in the tengwar parmaite fonts by Måns Björkman)

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